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Scholarships for Persons with Autism or Aspergers

scholarships for people with autism or aspergersAutism and Aspergers are clinically diagnosed medical conditions but they doesn’t hinder a person from attending college. In fact, if that person decided to attend college, they can use it to their advantage by getting scholarship money from different foundations and associations that hand out money to people with these syndromes. College can be expensive for anyone, especially when current tuition at a state university is over $10,000 per year on average. Scholarships for people with Autism or Aspergers are a great way to help with these

There are many scholarships for students with autism-spectrum disorders. One source is the Eden Autism Services.  They currently offer two scholarships, one for $500 and one for $1000.  Check for qualifications and other requirements.

Another is the Schwallie Family Scholarship which offers multiple scholarships from the Organization for Autism Research. The awards are $3,000 each and they are given in various categories based on where the student plans on attending school: a 2-year, a four-year and a technical or vocational

There is also the that is given to five students with an award amount of $1000 each. They will be able to attend a 4-year college or a trade school and is administered by the Autism Society of

Some scholarships are awarded based upon financial need while others are based on merit. Some also require a student to be a high-functioning autistic whereas others that are struggling are more likely to be awarded the scholarship. The details will be listed on each application form so it’s important to read all of the

State and local autism societies may also provide a variety of scholarships that should be considered as well. The Ohio Autism Scholarship covers virtually all expenses with an award of $20,000 per year. It’s important to check all possible resources to get scholarship money because it can be a significant savings in

High school career counselors, college financial aid offices and even a doctor’s office can be great resources for learning about other scholarships that can be applied for. Any free money that can be earned should be explored before student loans are considered. The more applications that are made, the better chance of being awarded a

There are no boundaries for an education, even if a person has been diagnosed with Autism or Aspergers. What’s important is furthering an education where someone can gain financial independence. There are plenty of options for getting the education. Many of the scholarships are for a community college, a 4-year college or a vocational school. This way, even if the person isn’t ready for a four-year college they can still get the scholarship money towards an education of any kind.

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