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Posted by Simmon at 11 October 2010

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Pursuing a higher education of veterinary studies is a very noble goal for students. Rather than taking out a bunch of student loans to begin with, those amounts can be significantly reduced by first applying for various scholarships for veterinary study. There are many organizations and companies that offer them to students and best of all; the money doesn’t have to be paid back.

A great scholarship to apply for is the Saul T. Wilson, Jr scholarship for both undergraduates and graduates who are in good academic standing and who are enrolled full time. Undergraduates must have completed at least two years and graduates must not have completed more than one year. The scholarship amounts will range from year to year. Recipients must work for the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service during breaks from school.

The American Kennel Club is a strong advocate of students pursuing veterinary studies and therefore provides

several scholarships as well. To be eligible, students must be able to demonstrate financial need as well as have a great academic record. The student must also be actively involved with purebred dogs. Applicants must be enrolled full time at a veterinary school and meet the May deadline for consideration. The award amount will vary per recipient as well as the year that the scholarship is awarded.

There are many scholarships that are very school specific as well. The is in Massachusetts and offers many scholarships to veterinary students. These include students pursuing veterinary medicine as well as ones with an emphasis on wildlife medicine.

Other scholarships are offered based upon the region that the student is located. Any students in the New England area can apply for the Veterinary Scholarship Trust of New England. The student must be in good academic standing and by going for veterinary study at any U.S. college or university.

Many scholarships exist for students who are pursuing undergraduate and graduate studies in veterinary medicine, so it’s just a matter of finding one (or many) that a student can qualify for. The more scholarships that are applied for, the higher the chance of being awarded money for school. Check with the high school career counselor or the college financial aid department for an entire list of what the student is potentially eligible for.

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